Stewart Title Ltd. Introduces the "Safe Property Indemnity" in Spain

Home owners and their lenders can now enjoy the protection of a new comprehensive title insurance policy

LONDON (September 10, 2008) - Stewart Title Ltd., the underwriter for European transactions for Stewart Information Services Corp (NYSE-STC), is now offering a new comprehensive title insurance policy in Spain designed to protect residential purchasers and their lenders from a range of potential title issues. This includes protection against fraudulent activities such as a home being re-mortgaged or sold without the actual owner’s consent due to forged documents.

“Because home owners face many risks concerning their property, it is more important than ever that buyers obtain the cover that the Safe Property Indemnity provides in order to protect one of their biggest investments," said Steven M. Lessack, chief executive officer, Stewart Title Ltd.

When one purchases a property, there are still hidden risks that even the most diligent professionals and or established registration systems cannot protect against. These defects can affect ownership and cause significant financial losses and worry before they can be rectified.

This comprehensive Safe Property Indemnity (title insurance policy) safeguards against loss or damage arising from many of such hidden risks which exist at the time of purchase, including but not limited to:

  • Outstanding taxes, quotes or unsettled community expenses on the property
  • Someone else owning an interest in or having rights to the property (including the rights of tenants)
  • Forgery, fraud, duress, incompetence, incapacity or impersonation
  • Lack of legal pedestrian or vehicular access to and from the property or any part of it
  • Someone else having an easement over the property
  • Any matters arising from any bankruptcy of seller
  • Title is defective to the stage where another party can refuse to perform a contract to purchase, to lease or to make a mortgage loan
  • A newly built property is smaller in surface area than contracted for when it has been purchased off plan
  • Losses due to specific local matters detailed in the policy which may ultimately lead to expropriation of a whole or part of the property

Without a title insurance policy, home owners would have to remedy the situation themselves, costing them time and probably legal expenses.

"For a minimal, one-time premium, a title insurance policy provides peace of mind that should the unexpected occur, Stewart Title will be there to restore title to the insured or indemnify the insured for any losses if that cannot happen," concludes Lessack.

A title insurance policy provides cover for financial losses incurred up to the purchase price, (limited EUR 360,000). Should a claim be made, there are no deductions as the policy provides cover for costs, solicitor’s fees and expenses in defending title relating to the covered risk.

Stewart has been issuing title insurance policies, guarantees, indemnities, assurances and the like in order to safeguard property investments across Europe, as well as providing legal indemnity products within the UK for more than 20 years. Title insurance policies or guarantees are issued in accordance with local law in and are available for buyers purchasing property in numerous countries across Europe.

Stewart Title Ltd.’s Foreign Services Division can be reached at 6 Henrietta Street, 4th Floor, Covent Garden, London, tel: +44 (0)20 7010 7820, fax: +44 (0)20 7240 2623, or website:

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