The Trusted Partner for Title Indemnities

Defective Title Insurance

Stewart Title covers all the everyday defects that can be encountered in a conveyancing transaction. Here are some of the risks that we are able to offer cover for:

  • Lack of Rights of Way and Services
  • Transfers at Undervalue
  • Lost Title Deeds
  • Manorial Rights
  • Common Land
  • Mines and Minerals
  • Outstanding Leasehold Interests and Mortgages
  • Possessory/ Qualified/ Good Leasehold Titles
  • Rentcharge Liabilities
  • Absent Landlord
  • Chancel Repairs
  • Flying/ Creeping Freeholds
  • Maisonette Indemnity

If you require cover for other risks, then please contact one of our underwriters for questions or concerns by contacting Stewart Underwriters.