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About Us

Stewart Title Limited is a specialist insurance company with over 30 years of experience providing a suite of title insurance products designed to cover against losses arising from title related risks in property transactions. We help law firms, lenders and their clients in proceeding safely and speedily towards completion through the use of our policies.

Our online ordering application enables you to get a quote for more than 150 title risks in three easy steps.

We also provide a wide range of bespoke indemnity policies. Our knowledgable team boasts extensive underwriting experience and many years of working in legal firms dealing with real estate matters. The team has the expertise required to get to the issues at the heart of your problem in an expeditious manner and provide advice as to the availability of insurance for a wide range of issues, no matter how simple or complex.

We approach working with our clients as a partnership – responding quickly to your needs, understanding the problems you face and providing prompt solutions to help resolve potential issues.

Contact us and see the difference a trusted partner can make for you.

UK Office in London

We provide the following products specifically for buyers and lenders, and for residential and commercial properties:

European Offices

We offer the following products for European customers:

For more about services in Europe, outside of the UK, visit the Stewart Title Europe Limited website.