Darlington Borough Council Unable to Process Local Searches from 19 January to 7 February

Stewart Title Can Help Complete Your Transactions with Peace of Mind

The Local Land Charges Service of The Darlington Borough Council announced on its website that it will not be able to process any LLC1 or CON29 searches for nearly three weeks between 19 January and 7 February 2017. 

Understandably, Conveyancers in the area served by Darlington Borough Council will be concerned with the resulting delays to house sales and inevitable failure of chains.

Stewart Title can help. We offer:

  • No Search Policy where no search has been carried out to date at all;
  • a Search Delay Policy where a written search has previously been requested but the result is still awaited; or,
  • Search Validation Policy where a search has previously been obtained but is now out of date and it is not more than two years old at the date of taking out the indemnity policy.

For an average priced Darlington property (approximately £138,000) cover for a No Search Policy for lender-only cover starts from £6.60 including Insurance Premium Tax.

Policies can be ordered in three easy steps on Stewart Online Solution www.stewartsolution.com or by contacting our Telephone Solution Team on 0207 010 7821 or solution@stewart.com.

You can also access more than 150 covers on our online system, any of which can be added easily to the policy.

For additional information, please get in touch with Robert Kelly on robert.kelly@stewart.com or 07415 240 703.